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One of Niseko’s
Finest Places
to call Home.

When it comes to nature, KABA® Niseko is one of a kind. Relish an unrivalled sense of tranquility in Hanazono, Niseko’s most untouched locale, where a purity of spirit calms the soul and awakens the senses.



LOT (click to download plan) LOT SIZE (sqm) LOT SIZE (tsubo) VIDEO (click to view video)
1 2926 885 D E F
2 1430 432 D F
3 2434 736 F
5 2636 797 D E
6 1520 459 D E
7 1277 386 D E
8 1347 407 C D E
9 1545 467 C D
10 1722 520 C D F
11 1622 490 C
12 1271 384 C
15 1059 320 C
16 1107 334 B
17 1257 380 B
18 1129 341 B
19 1155 349 A
20 1157 349 A
21 1141 345 A
22 1187 359 A
23 1197 362 A
25 1264 382 A G
26 1092 330 A B G
27 1410 426 A B G
28 1380 417 A G
29 1070 323 A G
30 1108 335 A G
31 2630 794 G
32 1641 496 G
33 1971 596 G
35 1870 565 C G
36 1607 486 C D

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Who will look after my villa and manage the KABA® Niseko estate?

Prior to lot subdivision completion and transfer of land titles, KABA® Niseko’s Property Management Company will be appointed as “Property Manager” of the estate, its common area infrastructure, and all individual lots (developed or otherwise). Every lot/villa Owner must join the KABA® Niseko Estate Association and will be subject to its rules and regulations.

What are the management costs at KABA® Niseko?

There are two types of costs to Owners: (1) Hard Association Costs to cover shared infrastructure (e.g. general maintenance, public area snow clearance, onsen maintenance costs) and (2) Add-on Costs specific to each villa/lot (e.g. utilities, housekeeping, landscaping, snow clearance & other bill payments). The Property Manager shall administer both sets of costs for all Owners, each of whom must maintain the Owner’s Rental Account with minimum reserve balances.

Owners with completed villas may elect to participate in a property rental program under the Property Manager, who shall provide reservation & guest services whether for guest or owner stays. All rentals must be managed under the Property Manager.

What is my share of proceeds from the Villa Rental Program

Unlike a typical hotel branded residences program, 65% of gross rooms revenue goes to the Owner with the remaining 35% going to the Property Manager. Owners are restricted from letting out their villas themselves as that is not legally allowed in Japan. Owners may only appoint Property Manager for villa lettings.

May I use my own architect? Are there any design restrictions?

Yes, you are free to use your own architect as long as the design conforms to KABA® Niseko’s Design & Building Guidelines (available upon request). All builds are subject to local Kutchan regulations as well as the Property Manager’s approval (to comply with Design & Building Guidelines and avoid potential conflicts with neighbours). Privately-owned forest areas may not be built upon. We are happy to provide guidance on designing and building your house.

Are lot/villa resales subject to the KABA® Niseko Design & Building Guidelines or other conditions?

 Yes, all sales and resales are subject to the same Design & Building Guidelines to create a cohesive estate and ensure long term value for all Owners. 

Is there a time limit to which I must build my villa?

Whilst there are no specific time restrictions, should the Owner fail to construct a building in their Lot within 5 years of the handover date, the Owner will need to pay an additional 40,000 Yen per month as a Non-Build Fee from the 5th year until a chalet is built in the Lot.

Will my lot have an onsen?

Yes, every lot has a connection point to KABA® Niseko’s central onsen supply system. Please refer to KABA® Niseko Design & Building Guidelines for more details.

Can the developer arrange a builder & architect?

Yes, the Property Manager can be hired as a project manager to help deliver a turn-key custom villa.

What are my benefits and perks to being a KABA® Niseko Owner?

Owners will be exclusively offered membership at the upcoming Chalet Ivy Weiss Hotel (onsen & spa access, gym, ski rentals, preferred rates on rooms & restaurants, shuttle services to nearby ski fields). Both Weiss & Hanazono ski fields lie only 3-5 minutes away.

Can I book my villa out myself to friends & family?

If you participate in the Villa Rental Program, we shall be happy to extend our services to your guests. Some minimum fees may apply to cover costs of service.